A. 目的

作为一个以科学为基础的非营利组织, 公众对美国心脏协会(AHA)科学审查和决策过程的完整性和独立性的信任,以及美国心脏协会在开展慈善活动时对高标准的坚持是至关重要的. It is also acknowledged and desired that 志愿者, 员工s and others working on behalf of AHA (啊哈代表) have myriad relationships, 利益, and 会员资格 that support and benefit the mission of AHA. 然而, 有时候,这些多重关系可能会产生实际或潜在的利益冲突.

本政策的目的是保护美国心脏协会的利益,当它正在考虑进行可能或似乎有利于任何现任或前任美国心脏协会代表的私人利益的交易或安排时, or inappropriately benefit a 关联方.

作为一个非营利性的公共慈善机构, 美国心脏协会必须服务于公共目的,以保持其免税地位,因此必须谨慎处理潜在的利益冲突. To protect both AHA and 啊哈代表, 本政策要求美国心脏协会代表披露关系,并要求美国心脏协会解决任何冲突,以确保所采取的行动符合美国心脏协会的最佳利益. 这可以保护美国心脏协会和美国心脏协会代表的决策不受个人或商业利益的偏见或不当影响, 在AHA的家人或亲密伙伴.

B. 定义

1. 啊哈代表
AHA代表包括董事, 军官, 委员会成员, 科学委员会成员, 志愿者, 工作人员, 特定的签约方或代理人, and key individuals in decision-making roles designated by the Corporate Secretary.

2. 利益冲突
当本政策所涵盖的人员与该人员的关系干扰了该人员对美国心脏协会的主要忠诚义务或阻止该人员对美国心脏协会及其慈善目的保持公正时, that person’s 利益 are in conflict with the AHA’s. 潜在的利益冲突可能在以下情况下产生:(i)实际的不利利益(两个利益在一个问题或交易的对立面)或(ii)竞争利益(两个利益为相同的目标而竞争).

3. 关联方
关联方 means any one of the following persons or entities:

(a) Any director, 官, 员工, 或志愿者 of the AHA or its affiliates.

(b) Any 相对 of any individual described in subsection (a) above.

(c) Any entity or trust of which any individual described in subsection (a) or (b) above serves as a director, 受托人, 官, 员工, 或志愿者.



(f) Any other entity or trust in which any individual described in subsection (a) or (b) above has a material financial interest.

4. 的关系
在本保单中, “关系”指的是经济关系, 家庭或非经济关系, 或持有的权益, 披露信息的人.

5. 相对
在本保单中, a “相对” of an individual means any one of the following persons, though other definitions may be used in specific situations, such as for the AHA Audit Committee’s “independence” evaluation purposes:



(c)兄弟姐妹或半兄弟姐妹, 儿童(无论是亲生的还是收养的), 孙子, and great-孙子; or

(d) spouse or domestic partner of any person described in subsection (c) above.

C. 信息披露原则

啊哈代表 are to scrupulously avoid actual or perceived conflicts of interest, including without limitation: unfair benefit, more than 微量允许 incidental personal gain, or undue influence in dealings or transactions with AHA that is not in the AHA’s best 利益.

1. 信息披露: 啊哈代表 are to fully disclose financial and non-financial relationships, 包括他们的就业, 所有权利益, 会员资格, 安排, 投资, 和持有, 包括那些由家庭成员持有的, as requested on the AHA 的关系 信息披露 Questionnaire.

(a) Initial disclosure is to occur before appointment or election in most cases, but may occur upon acceptance of appointment, 此后每年一次.


(c) In the course of AHA meetings or activities, 美国心脏协会代表应披露在交易或决定中任何可能存在利益冲突的直接或间接利益.

(d)公司秘书应确保(a)按照本政策和适用法律的要求适当维护所有披露, and (b) copies of disclosures by all Board members are given annually to the Audit Committee Chairperson.

2. 评价报告个人和其他商业关系通常不会阻止个人为美国心脏协会工作或志愿服务. 美国心脏协会将根据美国心脏协会代表的职位性质和决策权范围评估实际或感知的冲突的非财务和财务关系, 关系的实体性, 冲突的普遍性以及是否需要采取额外措施来保护美国心脏协会代表和美国心脏协会的诚信和声誉.

3. 决议冲突可以通过美国协会代表不就特定交易或事项进行审议和沙巴体育平台点击进入来解决, refraining from exerting any influence on AHA to affect a decision, or follow other measures depending on the nature of and the ability to reasonably manage the conflict. 解决方案将基于每个个体情况的事实和情况,但在某些情况下可能需要采取行动,包括个人从冲突关系中退出或从美国心脏协会的立场中退出. 任何有利益冲突的人不得试图不正当地影响对引起该等冲突的事项的审议或表决.

4. 与关联方的交易:下列除外, 美国心脏协会董事会执行委员会负责审查美国心脏协会与任何关联方之间的任何拟议交易, or a transaction in which a 关联方 has a substantial financial interest, prior to such 的关系 becoming binding on the AHA. 这样做的时候, the Executive Committee will be guided by this Policy and the procedures adopted under this Policy. The following activities are excluded from the review requirements of this section:

(a) the transaction or the 关联方's financial interest in the transaction is 微量允许;

(b) the transaction would not customarily be reviewed by the AHA Board of Directors or boards of similar organizations in the ordinary course of business and is available to others on the same or similar terms; or

D. 某些职位的要求

Because of the diversity of AHA’s activities and operations, 美国心脏协会不同的志愿者和工作人员职位可能需要更具体和独特的程序来披露和处理潜在的利益冲突. All procedures must be consistent with applicable law and this Policy.

志愿者, while acting in the capacity of an AHA volunteer, shall not solicit or accept for their personal, 专业, 或商业收益任何礼品, 小费, 谢礼, 娱乐, favors or other goods or services from current or prospective vendors, 服务提供商, 企业合作伙伴, 或AHA的竞争对手.

E. 保密


F. 实现

The CEO and her designees are directed to develop and maintain appropriate procedures to implement this Policy, including details under the following areas without conflicting with the 信息披露原则 set forth above. The Audit Committee will be responsible for oversight and ensuring compliance with this Policy.

The existence and resolution of Conflicts of Interest are to be documented in the AHA’s corporate records, including in the minutes of any meeting at which the conflict was discussed or voted upon.

每一个导演, 官, 员工, and volunteer is responsible for reporting any suspected failure to disclose by any AHA Representative, 无论位置如何, in accordance with the AHA’s 告密者的政策.

Conduct that violates this Policy is always considered outside the scope of employment of any 员工 acting on behalf of the AHA.

有关适用于所有授予美国心脏协会的联邦拨款和合作协议的利益冲突标准的信息,请参阅 Federal Financial Conflicts of Interest Policy.